Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can we get weekend deliveries? There are many occasions when it is necessary to pick-up and deliver items And Winnipeg couriers just ignore our needs?
Answer: Rising Star has you covered! Click here to order weekend deliveries!  Weekend service should be arranged before 6 pm on Friday.  Use your "ready at"  drop-down box on your desktop order panel.  Or simply phone!  There is a small surcharge for Saturday and Sunday deliveries.  But remember!  When you offer weekend service to your customers, you set yourself apart from your competitors! Customer Service! It starts and ends with that!
Question: What are the Terms of Billing?
Answer: During the first couple of weeks of service, we will sign a short agreement with you which includes billing date (usually the end of month or as otherwise agreed). Net is due 30 days from receipt of invoice. A discount may be applied to payments received within 20 days. We apply a 1½% Service Charge per month on unpaid balances. All invoices are sent out via email, and clients are requested to respond to a Read Request. Should an additional paper copy be required through Canada Post, a $2.00 Service Charge will be applied to the account for each invoice requested.
Question: Do you deliver items other than lab samples, blood specimens, and medicines?
Answer: Of course! We gave a lot of focus to optimizing deliveries for this market simply because we recognized that laboratory samples deserved and required extraordinary care in transport--and that this level of service was not being provided in Manitoba. However, this in no way limits the scope of our delivery services! We deliver for the legal and medical professions--and indeed for anyone who has a cheque, a document, or a blueprint--or anything else we can we can lift and move from point A to point B! And in every instance, we treat all deliveries like the valuable personal properties which they are.
Question: I had heard that Canada post was definitely phasing out their door-to-door deliveries. How does it benefit our company to have Rising Star bring us our mail before a certain hour each morning? And how exactly does that work?
Answer: Some businesses already use couriers for mail service! It really makes sense! We go to the mail depot associated with your address, and we p/u your mail when they open at 0930 hrs. Businesses benefit when they are able to get and process information as early as possible. Also, when door-to-door deliveries are discontinued, many seniors and others will find it more than an inconvenience to get to and from their community mail boxes. We will pick-up your mail directly from the appropriate depot and hand deliver it to you. The procedure is simple: You sign our short letter of authorization allowing us to p/u your mail on your behalf until further notice--and nothing more is then required!
Question: Do we need to use Rising Star for a minimum # of deliveries?
Answer: Not at all. As a matter of fact, we encourage all potential clients to simply put our instant order icon on your desktop for those occasions when your regular provider is too busy or perhaps has let you down. Use our services when you need us. We are confident that you will grow to depend on our efficiency and our overall professionalism. We strive to make our customer service worthy of our customers. That is what it is all about.
Question: Tell us about "Digital Waybill"?
Answer: Digital Waybill is the delivery software of choice for Rising Star Courier! Established companies, startups and all companies in between have benefitted from their easy to use, full-featured courier delivery software. When you choose Rising Star Courier, you immediately see the difference the advanced dispatch solution of Digital Waybill makes to your business. Digital Waybill courier and delivery software was designed to be the most user-friendly, online-based, courier software package available. Follow the link and see why Rising Star has chosen Digital Waybill to provide an unexcelled level of customer service to all our clients! Together, we take everything to the next level: experience, competence, and unfailing courtesy. Visit the Digital Waybill Website to see why we have chosen them as our exclusive provider of dispatch services!
Question: Do we need to sign an exclusive contract with Rising Star?
Answer: This is a practice that we absolutely oppose and one we find manipulative. Customers should have the right and the opportunity to access any service provider they choose--just as they do for all other shopping needs. Rising Star encourages our customers to get their deliveries met however possible. We will always keep our word to you as to the time frame promised. If we cannot meet your need because of weather or unforeseen events, we will tell you so. Having said that, we believe that exceptional customer service and uncompromising integrity and fairness will always encourage loyalty--because it is a win-win affair!
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