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You are really going to love how easy we have made everything for you!

In 20 seconds you can have your order placed, dispatched, and CONFIRMED by our owner operator drivers! Other courier services are beating each other up using outdated technologies. But we have adopted the newest high-tech solutions! Not only are your orders instantaneous and problem free--but you can IMMEDIATELY track your order status! Right from your desktop, you will see the GPS status of your order--and all the rest of your order history!

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ALL your trip details are right at your fingertips! We have no time for excuses or disputes. And neither do you. You order. We deliver. Once a month you receive a clear invoice detailing matters. We pick up your cheque. And if we are too busy to deliver in the time frame required, we simply tell you so. HONESTY is our motto. You don't need casual and unconsidered promises. You need to have the objectives of YOUR business met. As we said earlier...OLD SCHOOL SERVICE!

Once you have our easy order icon on your desktop, it will take you about 20 seconds to place an order! So open an account, install your automatic order service, and experience the peace of mind that comes with dedicated professionalism!

Do you need a Weekend delivery? An evening delivery? Other Couriers will not help you. WE will!

Not only do we deliver Saturday and Sunday but we also have an evening driver working from 6 pm to 10pm!  Evening rates are $17.00 per delivery--anywhere in the city! Call Rising Star at 204-688-5569. Get in on the ground floor with the best rates--7 days a week! Considering the price of gas, etc....we are FAR cheaper than trying to pick it up yourself...when you could be doing something fun, or productive...(or both!)

Let's get right to the point! Serving the public need.

The owner/operators at Rising Star have over 60 years serving the public need and convenience -- both as drivers and as dispatchers. We are old school. Customer service and strict honesty are our mottos.

The Contractor/Shareholder paradigm we have adopted makes a first for this industry in Winnipeg,  and it reflects our belief that Independent Contractors with shareholder privileges can better respect and practice the principles of customer service. The customer IS always right in our books! That is the difference that makes Rising Star the reliable and trusted ally in YOUR business.

And one more thing! We talk straight and you can too. Do you have some feedback on pricing--or any other service aspect? Just e-mail or phone.

We want to do whatever it takes to OUTDO our competition in every category of service. Simple! As we said: Just old school common sense!

The love people have for their pets is very very real. And the dedicated people who are involved in animal care are also  some of the special people Rising Star have decided to dedicate their delivery expertise towards!

Most couriers treat lab samples and deliveries of blood and specimens as just everyday deliveries -- no different than a letter or a box of business cards! NOT US!

Just as our deliveries for lawyers, accountants, and banks require personal attention and care--so do deliveries to and from animal hospitals and clinics.

Rising Star uses state of the art, temperature controlled coolers when necessary to protect and preserve the integrity of lab samples as they are moved between facilities. 

Additionally, we offer certified drivers trained in the professional handling of dangerous goods and in the protection of fragile deliveries.

And we make things easier for our customers...not for ourselves! Old Fashioned Customer Service. Your concerns are our concerns. Your deliveries are IMPORTANT. We treat them all with Care and Respect.

As we mentioned earlier....over 60 years of serving the public need and convenience really does count for something! We are experts in everything new--at least in the courier industry. But we have kept all the ideals that we were brought up to respect. The customer really is #1! We believe that. And you will find that we live by that value!

From flexible pricing, to temperature controlled coolers, to Saturday deliveries--it is all about your needs!



We provide vehicles equipped with state of the art temperature controlled coolers for those
Deliveries which require extraordinary care!
AND we offer drivers certified in the handling of hazardous and sensitive goods

You are really going to love how easy we have made everything for you!

Thank you for working with Rising Star Courier

Let us put our order icon on your desktop. We will take care of the rest! Oh, we almost forgot to mention. You can also order the old fashioned way by picking up the phone! We still do that telephone stuff! 204-688-5569

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